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Base Beast Bevel Angle Guide Tool
Base Beast Bevel Angle Guide ToolBase Beast Bevel Angle Guide Tool

Base Beast Bevel Angle Guide Tool


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Product Description

BEAST Ski Base Bevel Angle Tool:0.5 degrees – Primarily for SL skis or advanced recreational skis for icy conditions.0.75 degrees – Upper level GS or advanced recreational. Also used to ‘mellow’ the bite at tip and tail extremities of 0.5 bevels.1.0 degrees – Fairly universal recreational, low-mid level racing and most speed ski bevels.1.5 degrees – Used to mellow the bite in tip and tail.2.0 degrees – Primarily used by the snowboard crowd and also park skis where they don’t want a very sensitive edge.Open architecture ski and snowboard base edge bevel tool that accepts files and stones of all thicknesses. Features a ‘tongue’ under the file or stone making it easy to grasp both the bevel tool and the file or stone.Use with files or stones at least 4′ in length.Angled side arms for efficient cutting angle with ergonomic finger rest on side allowing a comfortable grip.Stainless elevation bar tilts file or stone at desired angle for easy set-up and maintenance of base edges.


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